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California Umbrella Insurance Coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in California

Umbrella insurance is also referred to as excess liability coverage as it often provides coverage for your auto, boat, and homeowners policies. This allows you to cover various claims within Susanville, CA, that you may be found liable for while ensuring that your legal costs are paid for. Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. explains the areas that your California umbrella insurance covers.

Bodily Injury Liability

If you injure other parties during an auto accident and your auto policy cannot pay for the outstanding medical costs, umbrella insurance will help you cover the needed bodily injury liability claim. Guest injuries that also happen at your residence will also be covered by this policy, allowing you to take care of falls, pet bites, and other accidents.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability will come in handy when you damage other people’s tangible property. This could be from auto accidents and when 3rd party belongings get destroyed during a visit to your home. This coverage ensures that the repair and replacement costs are paid for depending on the extent of the damage.

Rental Unit Claims

If you own rental properties and face liability claims, umbrella insurance will help you pay your legal costs and other damages awarded during your lawsuit. Instances that could give rise to these are visitors getting injured due to faulty structures in your rentals and pet bites.

Everyday Claims

Claims such as slander and libel can be common during your everyday errands, requiring customized coverage for these claims. Umbrella insurance can help manage these situations while ensuring that any mental anguish, false arrest, and malicious prosecution claims are covered. This policy compensates for your legal fees while also paying for damages awarded.

Whether you need to keep your assets secure or are looking for coverage within California to protect your loved ones, Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. is the partner you need. Call our Susanville, CA agents today to help you get started on your umbrella coverage.


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