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Life Insurance in California

Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. offers various types of life insurance, with each option suited to different policyholders. Deciding on the ideal protection will require you to consider factors such as the duration of your coverage to the required Susanville, CA state requirements. Below, we list some options available for residents residing within California.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance refers to a policy that protects you for a given number of years. Once you die, your beneficiaries receive the death payout, which can be used for childcare costs and mortgage fees. If you outlive this policy, it expires without any payout benefits. Term life coverage can be converted to a permanent policy, providing increased coverage features.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance protects you your entire life, making this a permanent policy. It comes with a cash value component, increasing your beneficiaries’ payout once you pass away. With this coverage, your loved ones are assured of financial security, giving them the freedom to set up various ventures. Your beneficiaries can also take care of needs such as tuition fees while benefiting from enough spousal support. Unlike other policies, policyholders can redeem this coverage, allowing you to utilize the payout as a retirement plan.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance also protects you your entire life, with your beneficiaries receiving the payout once you pass away. This policy also comes with a cash value component that builds value over time. Universal life insurance offers flexibility to policyholders, helping you take care of urgent changes in your life. These could be instances when you need to move houses, take on more mortgages, or welcome new additions to your family.

You are now sure that life insurance is crucial. If you are interested in the above life insurance policies, consider reaching out to Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. today. Our Susanville, CA agents can help you get tailor-made policies to cover your needs in California.


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