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Farm Owners Insurance in Susanville, CA

Keeping Farmers in Susanville and Janesville, CA and Beyond Covered

Working on a farm has inherent benefits – independence, freedom, and the value of a hard day’s work among them.  These benefits come with significant labors and a long-term investment in one’s business.  At the Pregill Insurance Agency, we know how important this investment can be, and it requires protection.  Our insurance policies for farmers and agribusiness owners cover each aspect of your operation and keep your overall coverage costs low.  Additionally, they help you manage risk. 


We believe in farmers and what they do: they provide invaluable services and resources.   Some of us grew up on or around farms and know what it takes to run one successfully.  We provide customized, comprehensive insurance solutions to farmers not only because we appreciate their contributions but because we are committed to helping them operate successfully.  Our agents work with you directly and perform on-site assessments.  As a result, our relationship with you is likely to be long-term. 


Our job is to keep track of every element of your farm or agribusiness so that you don’t have to.  If and when you purchase new equipment or an essential resource, we’ll initiate a change to your policy that ensures that your purchase is covered.  If rates are likely to rise and fall as a result of weather, markets, or other trends, we’ll keep you informed long before any of these changes may affect your rates or overall insurance costs. 


We’re dedicated to giving you a complete insurance plan and this means being a proactive partner with you.  It also means being your advocate.  You can count on representation in markets and in the event of claims.  It’s our pleasure to support you.  

Customized Coverages for Superior Protection

Our farm owners solutions secure land, property, and finances against numerous inevitable situations that can have significant costs.  A basic package includes coverage for dwellings, personal property, on-site structures, and farm liability. California has over 80,000 farms and ranches, and basic coverage will protect each of these farms against risks that are common to all farms.  However, basic coverages will not ensure against high costs in general or costs that can arise from exposures that are specific to each farm. 


We make sure that your farm is protected appropriately, which means that your farmers policy has coverages that go beyond basics.  To learn more about the specific coverages we provide, see each section below: Dwelling, Personal Property, Livestock and Crops, Liability, and Business Income and Equipment.


  • Most farmers live on or near their farms, which means that dwelling coverage is often a part of their farm insurance policies.  Under the dwelling portion of a farm owners policy from Pregill, damages to your home, barns, outbuildings, and other structures attached to the home have coverage for damage-related costs.  These costs might arise from accidents and any of a variety of other perils.  Your personal belongings are also protected by dwelling coverage.  

Personal Property

  • Your farm owners policy covers personal property losses under dwelling coverage, as mentioned above.  However, personal property coverage is not simple, nor is it easy to get right.  This is why we work with you make sure that all of your belongings are protected.  Belongings that are covered include clothing, electronics, and home appliances.  Operational items like machinery, automobiles, and animals are not covered under the personal property section of your policy, and they require additional coverage.                                                                                                                      
  • Incidents or events that cause property loss include theft, weather, and other exposures.  All of these are covered under your policy.  

Livestock and Crops

  • Livestock and crops are often crucial parts of any farm and are a main source of revenue.  Our farm policies carry protections for animals and crops.  For animals you can choose blanket coverage or cover specific animals in the event of death.  You can also combine blanket and specific coverage, which covers animal losses in the events of death or accidents but not sickness and disease.  
  • To obtain coverage for sickness or disease, select animal mortality coverage.  You may need some specific coverages to completely protect your animals.                                                                          
  • Crop insurance protects you if you suffer crop losses that result from natural disasters, weather events, or spread of disease.  You can protect crops from commodity market price volatility with specific crop insurance.  


  • Liability protection helps pay for legal fees, medical expenses, and other losses that result from covered injuries or damage to other people’s property.  Further coverage options, including employee injury liability, are available for an additional premium.  

Business Income and Equipment

  • Most farms are also businesses.  These farms are subject to business loss and can benefit from coverages that mitigate the risks that cause these losses.  The specific coverages that you can purchase for your farmer’s policy include:

                   -Loss of business income

                   -Worker's compensation

                   -Commercial vehicle

                   -Errors and Omissions (E&O)

  • Our policies cover equipment, supplies, and other machinery.  This includes combines, irrigation systems, and feed.  Like animals, equipment can be covered under a blanket policy at a certain dollar limit or you can cover items separately in a scheduled policy.  Also, like animals, you can combine these two types of coverage.  

Working with Pregill Insurance

California is the nation’s top agricultural state and has been for more than half a decade.  Moderate but diverse climate and fertile soil allow for year-round or near-year-round production on many farms, which means that many farmers never stop working.  On top of that, farmers shouldn’t be charged with keeping track of their insurance. 


Whether you’re a large operation or a small one, family-owned or corporate, or single crop or multi-crop, we’re here to keep you protected.  We know the terrain, the weather, the markets, and operational details that affect farms.  This knowledge helps us deliver the best insurance products and enables us to better serve our clients who farm or own farms. 


Farming, as with most businesses, doesn’t start and end with normal working hours, so we’re available whenever you need us.  If you need immediate help or just have a question, we’ll be there. 


To find out how we can help keep your farm or agribusiness secure and successful, please give us a call or contact us today.  You can also request a quote to learn about what a policy may be like.  Of course, we recommend that you talk with us directly, and we won’t sell you a policy unless you do, but you can always get started on our site. 


Pregill Insurance is proud to provide farm owners policies in Susanville, Janesville, Westwood, Lake Almanor, Chester, and Milford, CA.

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