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Home Insurance in California

Owning a home anywhere comes with risks. Owning a home in California is even riskier. Lots of potential exists in the area for severe weather events that can be very damaging to homes. At Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA, we understand the risks living in California provides. We will make sure that all of our customers will be covered from many of the hazards that may come their way.

Home insurance offers a variety of different lines of protection. They include property, content, liability, and loss of use.


The physical structure of your home is covered by property insurance. It also covers any attachments such as porches, decks, or garages. Structures not attached are covered, so your detached garage, shed, or casita is included. Many different hazards are covered but not all, so be sure to read your policy to know what may need separate coverage.


The content covers the things you own in your home. Insurance companies set it at half the property value of your home. This is done automatically. If this is not enough, you can add additional coverage. Some categories of possession have limits built-in.


If you happen to get sued for damages that someone incurred at your home or through the actions of someone in your immediate family, this coverage will help pay a settlement against you and legal fees.

Loss of Use

When a covered hazard damages a home, there may be so much damage that the home is not habitable. In the meantime, a place to stay will need to be provided and paid for. This may be a hotel in the immediate days after, and if it is longer, a rental unit can be paid with this coverage.

Contact Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA, if you are a new homeowner or are a homeowner ready to review your current coverage.


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