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Does motorhome insurance cover damage from mold and mildew?

You finally saved up enough money to buy your dream motorhome. You can’t wait to hit the open road and explore all the sights and sounds beyond Susanville, CA. But then reality sets in…you still need to get insurance for your new home on wheels. No worries, our team of insurance experts at Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you learn more about your options. 

Does motorhome insurance cover damage from mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew can cause serious damage to your motorhome if left unchecked. Water leaks are the most common source of mold and mildew growth in RVs, so it’s important to make sure that your insurance policy covers water damage. Most policies will cover mold and mildew damage that is caused by a covered peril, such as a leaky roof or plumbing issue. However, some policies will exclude mold and mildew damage altogether, so be sure to read your policy carefully before you buy.

If you already have motorhome insurance and are unsure if you’re covered for mold and mildew damage, call us at Sunnyville Insurance Agency. We’d be happy to review your policy with you and answer any questions you may have. And if you don’t have insurance for your RV yet, we can help with that too! Just give us a call or stop by our office today. We’re here to help you protect your investment so you can enjoy many happy miles on the open road! 

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Mold and mildew damage can be costly to repair in Susanville, CA, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right coverage before you need it. At Pregill Insurance Agency Inc, we can help you find the right policy for your needs. Give us a call today! 


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