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Does motorhome insurance cover damage from mold and mildew?

You finally saved up enough money to buy your dream motorhome. You can’t wait to hit the open road and explore all the sights and sounds beyond Susanville, CA. But then reality sets in…you still need to get insurance for your new home on wheels. No worries, our team of insurance experts at Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. is here to help you learn more about your options. 

Does motorhome insurance cover damage from mold and mildew?

Mold and mildew can cause serious damage to your motorhome if left unchecked. Water leaks are the most common source of mold and mildew growth in RVs, so it’s important to make sure that your insurance policy covers water damage. Most policies will cover mold and mildew damage that is caused by a covered peril, such as a leaky roof or plumbing issue. However, some policies will exclude mold and mildew damage altogether, so be sure to read your policy carefully before you buy.

If you already have motorhome insurance and are unsure if you’re covered for mold and mildew damage, call us at Sunnyville Insurance Agency. We’d be happy to review your policy with you and answer any questions you may have. And if you don’t have insurance for your RV yet, we can help with that too! Just give us a call or stop by our office today. We’re here to help you protect your investment so you can enjoy many happy miles on the open road! 

More Questions? Give Us A Call

Mold and mildew damage can be costly to repair in Susanville, CA, so it’s important to ensure that you have the right coverage before you need it. At Pregill Insurance Agency Inc, we can help you find the right policy for your needs. Give us a call today! 

Planning to store your RV at home this winter? Make sure you have the coverage you need

Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. is here for the RV owners in Susanville, CA and the surrounding areas. If you have concerns that your current RV may not provide the coverage you need during winter storage, we are here to help.

Be sure you have the protection you need this winter

If you don’t use your RV very much during the winter due to family and work commitments, you may be considering how and where to safely store it. Storing your RV at home is one option. Some folks may have a special garage or enclosure built to accommodate storage, while others may leave the vehicle outside.

Your insurance agent can review your current policy with you to ensure that, however you store your RV, it is protected. There can be some policies that don’t provide coverage for RVs that are stored outside for long periods of time. These policies are geared toward long-term RV storage in a secured facility or area. 

Fortunately, there are also policies that will provide protection for outside storage at the owner’s home. This is why it is important to fully understand exactly what protection your current policy offers. And, if you are changing how you use or store your vehicle, it is important to review your policy. Any questions that may arise during this review can be answered by a local agent who understands RV insurance. 

Give us a call today!

RV owners in the greater Susanville, CA area can count on the team at the Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. We are here to help with all of your insurance needs and help you make sure that you have the coverage you need. Call or stop by today!

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Me If I’m Not Wearing a Helmet?

In the state of California, it is required by law that all motorcyclists wear helmets when operating a motorcycle. However, you may wonder whether you’re still covered by your insurance if you’re in an accident and not wearing a helmet. The short answer is that it depends on your insurance policy. Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA can help you navigate this important insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need To Know

Most insurance policies will have what’s called a "helmet exclusion" clause that voids your coverage if you’re involved in an accident while not wearing a helmet. This means that if you’re at fault for an accident and the other party sues you, your insurance company will likely not provide any coverage. However, some policies provide coverage even when the helmet exclusion clause applies.

If you have comprehensive coverage in addition to collision insurance, your insurer may still pay out for damages to your motorcycle even if you’re not wearing a helmet. This is because comprehensive coverage protects against damage caused by things other than collisions with other vehicles, such as weather damage, fire, theft, and vandalism. So, even if you’re not wearing a helmet, your comprehensive policy may still apply. However, many comprehensive policies also have a clause that releases the insurer from paying out if you aren’t wearing a helmet. 

State law requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets in California, and most policies have void coverage if you aren’t wearing a helmet.  However, there are some exceptions. This is truly a case where you need to read your insurance policy carefully and ask questions if you are not sure. 

Get Motorcycle Coverage Today

Call Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA today and we can look at your motorcycle insurance policy to see any exceptions to your coverage. If you need to change policies, we can help you find the coverage you need.

What Happens if I Cancel My Boat Insurance Policy?

If you are like most boat owners, you have insurance to protect your vessel in case of an accident or disaster. But what happens if you decide to cancel your policy? Will you be left without any coverage? Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA can help you navigate this important insurance coverage. Here we explore what happens if you cancel your boat insurance policy and the consequences that may come with it.

What Happens if You Cancel Your Boat Insurance Policy?

If you have a loan on your boat, the lender will likely require you to maintain coverage until the loan is paid off. If you cancel your policy, the lender could demand that you pay off the loan in full immediately.

Even if you don’t have a loan on your boat, there are still consequences for canceling your policy. If you cancel in the middle of the policy term, you will likely have to pay a cancellation fee. And if you decide to reinstate your policy, later on, you will likely have to pay a higher premium because you will be considered a high-risk customer.

How Do You Avoid Cancellation Fees?

If you are considering canceling your boat insurance policy, it’s important to contact your insurer first. Many insurers will allow you to suspend your coverage for a period of time if you plan on taking a break from boating. This can save you money and help you avoid cancellation fees.

How Do You Cancel Your Boat Insurance Policy?

If you decide to cancel your boat insurance policy, you’ll need to contact your insurer and request a cancellation form. Once you have completed the form, you’ll need to send it back to the insurer along with any required documentation. Make sure to keep a copy of the form for your records.

Contact Us Today

So, if you’re thinking about canceling your boat insurance policy, make sure you understand the potential risks and penalties involved. And as always, Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA is here to help – give us a call today.

Should everyone in California get auto insurance?

For most people that reside in the Susanville, CA area, owning a car is a good idea. If you do own a car, you will have an easier time getting around the area. Along with owning a car, it is important that you select a proper insurance plan for it. There are a few reasons why everyone here should get an auto insurance policy. 

Auto Insurance: What You Need to Know

Reduce Liability Risks

A reason that all people here will need to have auto coverage is so they can reduce their liability risks. Anyone that drives a car runs the risk that they could cause an accident and damage when behind the wheel. If you have an insurance plan, it provides liability coverage that will give coverage in these situations. This type of coverage is also a requirement if you want to drive a car on a public road in the state. 

Protect Vehicle

You also should get an auto insurance plan to protect your vehicle. If you decide that you want to purchase a car, it will be a big investment that you will want to enjoy for a long time. If the car is stolen or damaged in an accident, being able to protect this investment will be very important. An efficient way to cover your investment is by getting a full plan with comprehensive insurance coverage.  

Give Us A Call

It is important for people in the Susanville, CA area to get proper coverage for their cars. If you want to get auto coverage in this area, calling the team with Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. can help you assess your options. There are a lot of choices that come with picking coverage and Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. can help you pick a plan that will keep you properly covered at all times. 

Ways small businesses can benefit from commercial insurance

Owning a small business is one of the riskiest things you can do. The survival rate for small businesses is not great. You can increase your chances of long-term survival by having the right kind of commercial insurance. At Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA, we work with our customers to personalize your commercial insurance for your particular business. We have more choices to offer which provides us with the best chance to find the right coverage. 

How to survive a setback

Bad things happen and small businesses are particularly vulnerable to going under. Most small businesses just don’t have the resources to survive having their business destroyed and losing everything. But if your business has the right commercial insurance, you can have a better chance of being able to come out on the other side and still have a business. 

Commercial property insurance

This coverage is about more than just your physical building. It is about the things that you need to do business. You can’t make any money if you don’t have what you need like tools, machinery, office equipment, displays, and whatever your particular business needs to do business. 

Commercial liability insurance

Small businesses are vulnerable to being sued. The chances that your business will be involved in legal action are pretty good. Unless you have a lot of extra money, which most businesses don’t, you could find yourself forced to close your doors. Commercial liability insurance will help you to survive a judgment and the legal fees. 

Business interruption insurance

This coverage will help you to be able to pay your bills if your business is temporarily closed due to a covered hazard. 

Contact Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA to discuss what commercial insurance is right for you. 

When to review your home insurance policy

Your home insurance is something that doesn’t stay the same forever. Different things can happen in your life that may change the requirements you have for coverage—having an insurance agent who knows you and who you trust can make all the difference. Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA has a team of experienced agents who are dedicated to providing the finest service and to offering you choices. 

When to review your home insurance policy

Once a year when your home insurance policy renews, you will receive a copy of your policy. It gives you all the information about your policy and exactly what it covers. The front page is the declaration page and if you only read one page of your policy, this is the one to read. 

Make sure that all the figures on it make sense. While you may not know exactly what it would cost to rebuild your home if it were destroyed, you likely have a good idea. Make sure that if you have done major repairs or upgrades you have let your insurance agent know so that the figure on your policy reflects your current value. 

You have choices when it comes to your content coverage as well. Do you want to replace everything at its current value which will include depreciation, or do you want to cover the cost of replacing it at today’s prices? 

Check the amount of your liability coverage and make sure that it is enough to protect your assets, especially if you have anything that may be considered high-risk, such as a dog, a swimming pool, or a trampoline. 

You may also want to check any riders you may have to enhance your coverage, things like a jewelry rider or sewer backup coverage. 

Contact Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA if you have questions about home insurance. 


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