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Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Me If I’m Not Wearing a Helmet?

In the state of California, it is required by law that all motorcyclists wear helmets when operating a motorcycle. However, you may wonder whether you’re still covered by your insurance if you’re in an accident and not wearing a helmet. The short answer is that it depends on your insurance policy. Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA can help you navigate this important insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance: What You Need To Know

Most insurance policies will have what’s called a "helmet exclusion" clause that voids your coverage if you’re involved in an accident while not wearing a helmet. This means that if you’re at fault for an accident and the other party sues you, your insurance company will likely not provide any coverage. However, some policies provide coverage even when the helmet exclusion clause applies.

If you have comprehensive coverage in addition to collision insurance, your insurer may still pay out for damages to your motorcycle even if you’re not wearing a helmet. This is because comprehensive coverage protects against damage caused by things other than collisions with other vehicles, such as weather damage, fire, theft, and vandalism. So, even if you’re not wearing a helmet, your comprehensive policy may still apply. However, many comprehensive policies also have a clause that releases the insurer from paying out if you aren’t wearing a helmet. 

State law requires motorcycle riders to wear helmets in California, and most policies have void coverage if you aren’t wearing a helmet.  However, there are some exceptions. This is truly a case where you need to read your insurance policy carefully and ask questions if you are not sure. 

Get Motorcycle Coverage Today

Call Pregill Insurance Agency Inc. in Susanville, CA today and we can look at your motorcycle insurance policy to see any exceptions to your coverage. If you need to change policies, we can help you find the coverage you need.


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